Behind Estrela

How it started....

From as long as I can remember I have been around precious and semi-precious stones, things that sparkle and look amazing being all kinds of wonderful.  I thought it was normal to be able to sit down with your mother and see such pretty things glimmer and shine……  She is super talented artist in the family along with also being a GAA Qualified Gemmologist and Jeweller…..  which lead me along my venture….. After designing a Pearl and Diamond pendant for my 30th Birthday present, where my mother gave me a pearl and diamond and told me I could design and set however I liked.  I had always thought Pearls were an old fashioned thing and who really wore them these days???  I knew the only way I would wear this was to set it in gold ...yellow gold for me thanks!, and a diamond to set with it.  After all who doesn’t like diamonds?!  I received so many comments on how gorgeous my new pendant was whilst I was still working FIFO in the mining sector, it started me thinking of a venture to create more stunning items each with their own individuality and everyone should have this made available to them, special bespoke items, with a  personal touch and no item mass produced and designed individually like no other….. If you want that one special item for a loved one or something that's available as a current trend, want to  be part of creating, select the items yourself, or leave all the tough parts to me, either way, I can assist ! Contact me and we can get to work.  As with all other types of jewellery it is important to buy from someone who you trust and feel confident with.  As a graduated Gemmoloigst from the Gemmology Association of Australia and now running my independent boutique Studio in Mount Lawley, I am committed to giving you the help and advice you need to make your selection an enjoyable and fulfilling experience.  Estrela can offer you a varied range of products catering from inexpensive to the opulent without compromising on quality each and every time.