General Diamond Information


Diamonds are more in depth than you think, and feel free to email or call for further information. Once you understand them more it ultimately will help you with your decision in which one you select for your loved one. I offer you this advice, buy the best that you can in regards to Colour and Clarity rather than Size. A low grade diamond can appear milky/foggy and not clean, less reflection = less sparkle.
If you have a low clarity you will see inclusions which appear in the diamond as cracks or black spots. All this is referred to as the 4C's... Please see HERE for further information on the 4C's
Estrela takes pride in not supplying poor quality diamonds so that your diamond sparkles for many years to come.


Diamonds come in an amazing range of styles and shapes. Round diamonds and Princess cut diamonds are the most popular but everyone has different opinions on this.

You can select from a varied range of Diamonds available to you from Estrela, Working together with local, interstate and international suppliers we can supply you with various but not limited EGL or GIA Certificated Diamonds which is one of our highly recommended selection of Diamonds.
Certificates include what is known as a "plot" of a diamond's inclusions -- think of it as a "diamond fingerprint." Since no two diamonds are exactly the same, comparing the uniqueness of your diamond's clarity characteristics with the plot provided on the diamond certificate offers assurance that the diamond you pay for is the same diamond you receive.

Estrela Design recommend GIA Certificates as they are not so lenient on grading as the EGL, HRD and various other Certified Diamonds, however this is all reflected in the price, For a GIA Certified Diamond you will pay a premium, you are allowed to simply fall in love with a certain stone. **We are not affiliated with any of the Diamond Company Recommendations mentioned this is our preference to you based on general advice, knowing you won’t be disappointed with the final reveal of your project or dream ring selection!