Engagement Rings

Estrela Studio invites you to create your dream ring and helps assist you create your designs, ideas and images to create something that is uniquely yours, unlike another and have something you can cherish forever.

Whilst we have some items on hand and in stock, we do manly like to work fully custom for the design range to create each item for each client ensuring you get the personal creation and custom to every thing you could ever want, with the best centre stone you can select.


How long will my order take ?

Engagement & Wedding Ring Orders: Engagement rings take up to 8 - 12 weeks to complete and send out. Generally 6-8 weeks is enough for our turn around times, but sometimes we encounter hold ups and do need to extend the completion date due to the nature of our items being custom made along with various client requirements.  This will vary in accordance with each project due to availability of stones, metals and items, casting or shipping all varying the dedicated timeframe, where it may take longer. We update you via email throughout the process and will email you if any extended periods look like they will arise.

The period of 8-12 weeks starts from either date of deposit paid OR once the design is finalised 100%. If you decide on a design and size/ gemtstone and dont communicate with us till weeks later or then decide you want something else we start all over again, and the date starts from the formal confirmation of the final design being locked in. If you want your engagement ring for a certain date please discuss this with Lisa BEFORE the order has begun, along with any relevant details.  We strongly advise holding off on planning any proposals, engagement party plans or other reservations until the ring is finished, in your hand. 

Please note: IN ALL CASES, Whilst due dates are requested as information from you and we work swiftly to achieve those at our absolute best, we take no responsibility if you make bookings prior to receiving the completed notification of there project or collecting the item from the Studio.

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