Argyle Pink Diamonds Australia - Diamonds from the Western Australia Argyle Mine



Argyle Pink Diamond 

Natural Fancy Light Pink  -   I2


2.56mm x 2.59mm x 1.56mm Depth


Now more precious than ever due to the recent closure of the Argyle mine in Western Australia, there’s no better time to capture your own Argyle Pink Diamond .….. This is not a drill, the time is really and truly NOW, I have several clients this past few weeks miss out as the stones they have looked at are gone and sold or now out of their pricing reach 😿 and it's going to be the way in a very short time that all the smaller more affordable options are going to be all gone, we only have available less than a handful of these stunning stones under the $10,000 picing and this is including all my wholesalers and their stock, I hate not being to help assist clients but it's a case of when they are gone they are gone, I can't stress this enough….so which ones are you picking? 



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